Retail Intelligence ERP

A smart Platform to Manage your Business

Intelligent, Interconnected tool to Manage any FMCG and Retail Businesses on the go!

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Increase Field Efficiency

Empower your field force with smart tools to help them sell more.

Know Where your Customers are?

Have complete control over your business datas and customer insights.

Minimise Sales Returns

Smart algorithms to help you minimise returns and maximise customer happiness.
We run with state of the Art technology to help your business run effortlessly.
What retail intelligence can do for you?

Empower your business with Right Tools

Retail Intelligence is a Smart FMCG platform developed by Idea ITL (Idea Infotainment and Technology Labs Pvt. Ltd.,) We are here to help you harness the power of technology to grow your business and stand out from the competition. We enable your sales and supply chain staff with the right tools and technology.
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Built for your Business

Our platform is not a standard tool, it's completely customizable based on your use case.
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Cloud Control

All datas are stored in the cloud for extra layer security and datas are protected using 32 bit encryption.
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Affordable Pricing

Our fair pricing policy will ensure, implementing this will not be an extra burden to your business budgets.
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Business Intelligence

State of the art automated reports and insights from various departments to improve efficiency.
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Learn how Retail Intelligence makes operations, marketing, sales, delivery/installation, and reporting easier than ever

Automated workflow policies and schedules to avoid human errors and to have complete control over business.
Automated Geo and Time stamping at critical stages of business and KPI’s are calculated automatically.
Enhances collaborative learning environment and helps you identify, where the customer/file is stuck exactly.
Critical reporting algorithm for critical departments. (Ex: Delivery issue, Cheque returns, Long Pending payments Etc.,)
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